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Irri Tape
Iridescent Bird Deterrent Foil

Manufacturer: Bird-X Inc.
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Irri Tape 25 (50mmx7.5m)
NZD 19.55 inc. GST In stock
Irri Tape 100 (50mmx30m)
NZD 60.95 inc. GST In stock
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m)
NZD 230.00 inc. GST Low stock
Irri Tape

The Irri Tape combines holography, wind and light to irritate pest birds' senses and create an "off limits" zone against them.

Irri-Tape is the result of applying space-age technology to the proven scarecrow. It is a lightweight, durable, maintenance-free bird repelling product with endless possibilities for new and effective applications.

Install wherever there is a bird infestation. Wind and light will do the rest.

How It Works Irri Tape

Irri-Tape is a Visual Bird Deterrent "flashes" as it moves with the wind. Reflecting sunlight, or any light, it produces constantly changing colors and patterns. This brilliant, flashing "ripple effect" is picked up by the bird pests as an unsettling danger signal. Whether seen as a predator from a distance or a rival for food or space, birds will not ignore this potential menace. Irri-Tape's properties keep unwanted bird pests away in several ways.

  • HOSTILE SOUND ENVIRONMENT. Pest birds are "rattled" by the fierce metallic noise the material gives off when caught by the slightest breeze.
  • PHYSICAL BARRIER. Applied along a ledge, fence or other narrow surface Irri-Tape prevents access to birds' "landing strips."
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Does not harm the environment or the birds.
  • ECONOMICAL. Available in either 30m or 150m rolls.

Possibilities and uses are virtually limitless. Irri-Tape will deal efficiently with the nastiest bird problems almost any way that you choose to use it without harming either the environment or the birds.

Irri Tape
  • For open outdoor areas "maypole" six to ten eight-foot lengths of Irri-Tape by tying them to the top of any upright post.
  • For farms and gardens Irri-Tape has many applications for protecting crops from bird damage. Spiral it around free standing trees from top to bottom. Or suspend it over vines and around row plantings. Entire garden areas may be protected by hanging Irri-Tape from 6' to 8' poles to form high row deterrents
  • Other applications will keep ducks and geese off of lawns and ponds where they aren't wanted, or keep predator bird pests away from fish farm ponds.

Video (40 sec.; 1.7MB)

Please note: All bird control solutions prove more effective when different methods are used in combination. EasyTek offers the widest selection of environmentally-friendly, non-lethal bird proofing and animal control solutions in New Zealand. We cater to most bird pest situations and offer our clients tailor-made bird control and bird proofing solutions with guaranteed results.

Please contact us to describe your bird pest situation and let one of our professionals suggest effective solutions for you.

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Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) - 4.38/5 (14 reviews, 16 votes)
5 stars (rating: 5)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Frances J., Lower Hutt on .

5 stars (rating: 5)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Richard H., Masterton on .
Have ordered more.
Fast delivery, great product irritape has really kept the birds out of sheds and workshop.

4 stars (rating: 4)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Rae D., New Plymouth on .

4 stars (rating: 4)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by David K, Auckland on .

4 stars (rating: 4)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Sabah A. on .

4 stars (rating: 4)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Amjad H. on .
Parts of the tape started to fade away after one week of setting it up

5 stars (rating: 5)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Wayne H. on .
I have been very surprised at how effective the holographic strip is at protecting grapes Fromm blackbirds and thrushes.
I have added CDs, strung on nylon line near bunches and so far almost no signs of bird damage!

2 stars (rating: 2)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Zane M. on .
Unfortunately the iridescent bird tape has fallen apart in less than 3 weeks of being put up.
Some streamers are now just stubs. This is unacceptable for a product that costs $22 a packet! I will follow this up with an email to you directly as I must ask for refund or replacement Saw this on Trademe which is why I searched for your website Concept is good but your product must be weatherproof and more durable otherwise you are just charging far more than it is worth

4 stars (rating: 4)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Ralph R. on .

4 stars (rating: 4)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Kevin D. on .

5 stars (rating: 5)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Peter L. on .

5 stars (rating: 5)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Grey S. on .

5 stars (rating: 5)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Jeff C. on .
Delivery very quick!
We cut Irri tape into strips at the bottom of a roller door (that has to be open because of hoist traffic) and with the assist of the wind and an installed air curtain. The irri tape moves, makes noise and gives off light. In the first week and as far as we are aware no birds have entered through

5 stars (rating: 5)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Marvin D. on .
I use it on the balcony at my apartment and now there are no birds and best of all no bird poop!

5 stars (rating: 5)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Priscilla . on .

4 stars (rating: 4)
Irri Tape 500 (50mmx150m) reviewed by Stephen K. on .

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