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Broadband PRO

Sonic/ Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

3.5 Stars Rated 3.33/5
Manufacturer: Bird-X Inc.
Product Warranty: 12 months

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NZD 1,633.00 inc. GST

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Control bird pests in the most stubborn situations with a programmable ultrasonic and sonic bird repeller. Bird-x Broadband Pro’s unique combination of harassments creates a menacing environment that scares bird pests away.

How Broadband Pro Works

Broadband Pro targets pest birds with an unrelenting combination of species-specific alarm and distress cries, bird predator sounds, general harassments, and newest-technology ultrasonic waves. Customized sound chips can be made depending on the bird problem.

  • Species-specific alarm/ distress cries indicate danger and help to create a “No go” zone!
  • Predator and proven harrasment sounds provide an added menace.
  • Customize by choosing volume, sound mode and hours of operation.
  • Integrated day/ night sensor and random operation modes allow easy configuration and fully automatic operation.


BroadBand Pro
  • EFFECTIVE. Combines realistic alarm/ distress cries, predator cries, sound harassments and ultrasonic sound.
  • Alarm/ distress cries. Create a “danger zone” with realistic bird alarm/ distress cries to repel Starlings, Gulls, Pigeons and more.
  • Predator cries. 3 Predator cries add terror and realism.
  • Sound harassments. 3 Harassments are an extra incentive to leave.
  • Ultrasonic sound. Powerful ultrasonic sound rounds out the sound attack.
  • HARMLESS. BroadBand Pro's sounds chase the birds away without harming them.
  • HEAVY-DUTY “surround sound”. Separate control box plus four powerful directional speakers (each with 100 feet of wire) offer greatest all-around flexibility. Control unit and speakers are fully weatherproof.
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC. Day/ night sensor and random operation modes provide fully automatic operation.
  • FLEXIBLE. Customized sound chips can be fitted depending on the bird pest.
  • EASY OPERATION. AC power adaptor included.


Bird-X Broadband Pro protects signs, towers, roofs, awnings, antennas, sheds, warehouses, hangars, power stations, outdoor stadiums, manufacturing facilities, waste facilities and many more.

Package includes

  • Bird-X BroadBand Pro (Control unit and four weatherproof speakers)
  • Audio cables
  • Mounting bracket and screws
  • Product Manual
  • Bird control information pack
  • 240V AC Power adaptor

Accessories (not included)

  • Extension speakers for indoor or outdoor use
  • Custom sound chips
  • 12V DC marine battery
  • Battery clips
  • Solar power panel


Please note: All bird control solutions prove more effective when different methods are used in combination. EasyTek offers the widest selection of environmentally-friendly, non-lethal bird proofing and animal control solutions in New Zealand. We cater to most bird pest situations and offer our clients tailor-made bird control and bird proofing solutions with guaranteed results.

Please contact us to describe your bird pest situation and let one of our professionals suggest effective solutions for you.

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Broadband PRO
Broadband PRO 3.33/5 (5 reviews)
3 stars
(rating: 3)
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so far still experimenting with the deterrent i bought

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3 stars
(rating: 3)
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Slow response time after initial survey was supplied.

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