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Motion-activated Pet Deterrent & Refill Cans

3.5 Stars Rated 3.67/5
Manufacturer: Contech Electronics Inc.
Dimensions: 70mm diameter x 210mm tall

Product Warranty: 1 year

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Contech StayAway
Refill Can 180grms x2

70mm diameter x 155mm tall
NZD 69.00 inc. GST
In stock
Contech StayAway <br/>Refill Can 180grms x2
Refill Can
Multipurpose 400ml

70mm diameter x 175mm tall
NZD 24.15 inc. GST
In stock
Refill Can <br/>Multipurpose 400ml

Warn your pets away from trouble with a high-pitched alarm and a startling burst of air.

The StayAway automatic pet deterrent protects your porch, patio, potted plants, and countertops. Just place it in the area you want to protect, and the StayAway does the rest. When a cat approaches the area, the StayAway responds with a warning sound and a brief spray of "compressed air" to warn your pet away. Once your cat learns to recognize the warning sound, you can switch to the "sound only" mode to conserve compressed air for an even more economical solution.

StayAway StayAway
  • keeps cats away from protected areas
  • detects motion up to one meter (three feet) away
  • combines sound with "compressed air" for an odorless deterrent
  • operates up to 200 times on a single, replaceable canister of "compressed air"
  • the motion sensor and spray are separately adjustable so they can be positioned precisely
  • provides an instant memorable deterrence
  • corrects unwanted behavior consistently, day or night
How It Works

The StayAway automatic pet deterrent uses a passive infrared sensor to detect an animal within its one-meter zone, and responds with a warning sound and a brief, harmless spray of compressed air.

To set up the StayAway, simply place the unit in the area you want to protect, (for example kitchen counters, potted plants, etc.). Turn on the sound/spray, and wait a few seconds for the motion detector to stabilize. The StayAway is now set to go.

For the first few days, use the combined sound/spray mode. When the motion detector detects a cat's movement, it will first respond with a sound, followed by the spray of air. After a few encounters with the StayAway, most cats will decide that the sound is enough to warn them from off-limit areas.

StayAway Specifications

The StayAway automatic pet deterrent is constructed of durable, high-quality materials, and has been designed to provide many years of reliable service.

  • A five-position motion sensor detects motion up to one meter away.
  • Requires four AAA batteries.
  • Each replaceable can of compressed air holds over 200 sprays.
  • Detection and spray angles can be adjusted individually.
  • Two different modes of operation: sound with spray and sound only.
Package includes
  • 1x Contech StayAway
  • 1x Replaceable canister
  • Product Manual
  • Warranty Card
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StayAway 3.67/5 (13 reviews)
4 stars
(rating: 4)
reviewed by on .

3 stars
(rating: 3)
reviewed by on .
I'm only putting the quality at 3 because one of the cans has stopped working. I'm not sure whether it's the new one or the old one. I will have a fiddle in the next few days and see if I can get it working.

4 stars
(rating: 4)
reviewed by on .

3 stars
(rating: 3)
reviewed by on .

4 stars
(rating: 4)
reviewed by on .

5 stars
(rating: 5)
reviewed by on .
Very pleased with this product, very effective and simple.
Very pleased with a previous purchase. Quality was good.

5 stars
(rating: 5)
reviewed by on .

1 stars
(rating: 1)
reviewed by on .
Extremely dissatisfied. Product did not work.
All it did was make a noise, no spray. All connected properly, but no spray so the product was not effective. I phoned through only to be told it would be at my cost to send the product back for testing.

4 stars
(rating: 4)
reviewed by on .
Much quicker than trying to bring into the country myself, despite more expensive.
Better to buy the more expensive product that allows for behaviour reinforcement without ongoing consumable expense (refill cans) Cheaper carpet insurance.

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