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Smart Animal Care and Control

EasyTek Mission Statement

EasyTek strives to become the New Zealand leader in intelligent pest and animal control offering the industry’s best solutions and service at competitive prices.

It is dedicated to helping home owners, gardeners, pet lovers and the public in general to effectively increase health and comfort by minimizing hazards and environmental impact caused by wildlife pests such as pest birds, possums, mice, rats, stray dogs and cats, and other animal pests.

Easytek helps the agriculture, horticulture and viniculture/ viticulture industries to increase their revenues and profits by avoiding damage and potential loss as a result of bird and animal pests.

These goals are achieved through continuous research, education, promotion and distribution of effective, environmentally-friendly, non-hazardous and cost-effective animal control solutions using the latest advances in biological scienes and modern technology.

Mission Statement

New Zealand's Shop for Intelligent Animal Care and Control.

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