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Electronic Dog, Cat and Pest Animal Repeller

3.5 Stars Rated 3.38/5
Manufacturer: Bird-X Inc.
Product Warranty: 12 months

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Humane, effective, maintenance-free electronic yard protector keeps animals away from your property without messy or expensive chemical solutions.

Repel dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, mice and other creatures. The Bird-X YardGard is ideal for yards, gardens, porches, buildings, greenhouses and many more.

How It Works

The YardGard uses powerful sonic and ultrasonic sound to repel dogs, cats, rabbits, rodent pests and other creatures. The built-in infrared motion sensor activates YardGard when pests move into its coverage zone. Alternatively, YardGard can be set to operate continuously to create a permanent “no-go” zone.

Yard Gard


  • LARGE COVERAGE. Coverage area up to 4000 square feet.
  • ADJUSTABLE FREQUENCY. Powerful sonic and ultrasonic sound can be selected depending on the pest.
  • FLEXIBLE. Continuous or motion-sensor operation allows flexible use.
  • CONTINUOUS PROTECTION. YardGard is an effective pest repeller and animal deterrent that works day and night.
  • WEATHERPROOF. The snap-on rain cover protects controls.
  • EASY MOUNTING. Mount anywhere with keyhole slots.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Does not harm the environment or the animal pests.
  • DUAL OPERATION. AC adaptor and batteries provide reliable and flexible power supply options.


Pests: Dogs, cats, deer, rabbits, rodents (rats and mice) and other house and garden pests.

Uses: Use in yards, lawns, gardens, porches, buildings, greenhouses and more.

Package includes

  • 1x Bird-x Yard Gard
  • Mounting screws
  • Product Manual
  • 240V AC Power adaptor

Accessories (optional, not included)


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YardGard 3.38/5 (13 reviews)
3 stars
(rating: 3)
reviewed by on .
The purchase was based on previous purchase which had been successful. I feel the quality has slipped since my brother bought the original unit.
Comments Yard guard was bought to replace old unit bought by my brother years ago. New unit, back cover didn't fit well and holes in back were exactly the same so had to use old cover. Also the switch for power or battery was reversed. So had to set to battery to use power! Took a while to figure this out! It is working which we are happy about.

4 stars
(rating: 4)
reviewed by on .
Purchased from you before.

1 stars
(rating: 1)
reviewed by on .
The product clearly isn't working. Your response to my query has been good but you are avoiding the real issue.
I seem to have got a bad one but I can't fault your defence. It's your business.

4 stars
(rating: 4)
reviewed by on .
The yardgaurd used to chase away dogs was not very effective
i bought 2 products and only one was properly wrapped as a gift pack :(

5 stars
(rating: 5)
reviewed by on .
Excellent service.
I was delighted to receive advice over the phone and be able to place an order by phone.

4 stars
(rating: 4)
reviewed by on .

3 stars
(rating: 3)
reviewed by on .
I think the product was over-represented a bit incl quality,
needing an adaptor, only on continuous if plugged in. Its hard to see the value for money. Having said that, it seems to be very effective

3 stars
(rating: 3)
reviewed by on .

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