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Havahart Animal Fence - Excellent service, thank you.
Bernardine H., Auckland, 13 Aug 2013

CatStop - Good to be able to purchase from a NZ company...
Elizabeth C., Dunedin, 13 Aug 2013

ScareCrow - Excellent service. Am in process of setting up product. Easy on line purchase.
Jan D., Auckland, 5 Aug 2013

CatStop - After trying various ways of stopping cats fouling a section of my drive and spending a small fortune on cat sprays that don't work in desperation I sent for Cat Stop. A bit sceptical reading about this product (has it all been done by dodgy people living in Nigeria) but short of barbed wire and shotgun this order was made more in desperation than hope. Ordered on Thursday, arrived on Friday, very impressive. Set it up immediately, 24 hours later no mess to clean up, it cannot be that easy. One week later still no cat deposits, this really does work.
Derek B., Auckland, 25 Jul 2013

Bird Spikes 180 - This product is better than sliced bread! Easy to talk to people who know their product inside out.
David B., Tauranga, 25 Jul 2013

Olirete Netting - Being a new product it wasn't loaded into the shop section. Service/response was exceptional.
Steve S., Tauranga, 13 Jun 2013

CatStop - Very prompt service. Our cat scarer works so well and it arrived well packed--easy to set up and effective.
Dave W., Hamilton, 29 May 2013

Bird Proof Gel - Your service via phone and delivery was impeckable. Thank you.
J. W., Whangarei, 16 May 2013

ScareCrow - Excellent, we are still refining adjustments. Great site and great service.
Jack C., Auckland, 2 May 2013

Bird Spikes 45 - Fantastic product easy to use and got instant results, swallows have move out. HOORAH.
Rob C., Napier, 26 Apr 2013

Pigeon Trap - Very Happy with the service. Little difficulty while processing the order online. Product quality is ok for the price. Would recommend to others.
Sujeet S., Auckland, 19 Apr 2013

CatStop - Catstop seems have deterred other cats but not ours! He still loves digging, weeing and frolicking in the sandpit if we are on that side of the garden! A friend swears by her Catstop for keeping neighbours cats off gardens.
Sharon A., Tauranga , 12 Apr 2013

Fly Lure - Great product, very effective, would highly recommend.
Mike J., Wellington, 9 Apr 2013

Irri Tape - Haven't used item yet so can't comment on quality or effectiveness. Service was really good. Product was recommended by a colleague.
Peter S., Auckland, 4 Apr 2013

ScareCrow - Great device. Saw this product on TV some time ago and was doubtful if it was still available. Did a web search and there it was in NZ! Yes!
Stuart W., Blenheim, 2 Apr 2013

Fly Magnet - Large Victor Fly Trap. Very Strong and Easy to Handle & Set Up. The Smaller ones Are A Bit Softer & Harder to Empty and Set Up Again...
Marilyn W., Auckland, 21 Mar 2013

BarkFree - The 30 days guarantee is very good and the refund process was a breeze. (Unlike some companies who offers guarantee but makes it extremely difficult to get a refund and drags the process.) I am extremely pleased with this purchasing experience though I didn't end up keeping the product... Thanks you!!!
Janet S., Auckland, 15 Mar 2013

Bird Proof Gel - Already recommended to another.
Kay P., Auckland, 1 Mar 2013

Bird Netting - Excellent service/response Informative and caring. Well done.
Dave H., Rangiora, 28 Feb 2013

Wasp Trap - I think the wasps had changed their diet from nectar to protein by the time I got the trap... Excellent price, fast delivery, high quality product!
Cameron C., Auckland, 27 Feb 2013

CatStop - Great communication and fast delivery. Found it on an American site and they directed us to you.
Michelle W., Auckland, 25 Feb 2013

Premium Bird Spikes 90 - Thanks. Just right so far! Have passed on to Wellington City Council...
Helene R., Wellington, 12 Feb 2013

Barbara D., Dannevirke, 12 Feb 2013

BarkFree - Very good service. Bark Free device is working well.
Margaret N., New Plymouth, 7 Feb 2013

Irri Tape - We cut Irri tape into strips at the bottom of a roller door (that has to be open because of hoist traffic) and with the assist of the wind and an installed air curtain. The irri tape moves, makes noise and gives off light. In the first week and as far as we are aware no birds have entered through that door. Great product, thank you.
Jeff C., Auckland, 7 Feb 2013

CatStop - ... Have not seen cats racing from property, but no more poo or spray so far! Have passed on your website to 3 other people fed up with same problem.Salt test great check. Unsure about weather proofness of casing due to construction, so hoping dampness (not rain) is ok...will see; have it under cover in all locations I use it in. ... Trolling through home remedies for keeping cats off property. If this lasts for over a year it is cheaper than all the commercial sprays.
Chris G., Tauranga, 6 Feb 2013

ScareCrow - Scarecrow motion activated sprinkler is a very effective product that stopped the neighbours dog from using our lawn everyday, when even an electric fence didn't work. Thank you!!
Elissa M., Auckland, 4 Feb 2013

Irri Tape - I use it on the balcony at my apartment and now there are no birds and best of all no bird poop! Fantastic!
Marvin D., Auckland, 1 Feb 2013

StayAway - I couldn't believe how quickly it was delivered!! I had the idea one day and the product the next! Thanks for the amazingly quick service! The cats HATE the tone. I have new scars to prove it. I do wish the nozzle had a "air/no tone" option. However, so far... so good, in keeping them away from the areas I want them away from.
Rhoda S., North Shore City, 22 Jan 2013

ScareCrow - Excellent Service. The product does exactly what I want it to do - keep the neighbour's cats from our garden and deck area. Tried many things over the years, but this does the job perfectly. Delivery was extremely fast considering it was during the holiday period. Thank you very much!
David C., Auckland, 13 Jan 2013

WaterDog Fountain - Excellent company to deal with. Had small problem that was rectified straight away even though it was during xmas break. Very much appreciated.
Brian P., Auckland, 05 Jan 2013

EatBetter Dog Bowl - Only place I could find selling the product I needed, thanks!
Sarah S., Wellington, 28 Dec 2012

CatStop - We have had problems with a woman across the road who has 7 cats and they were fouling our front garden ever day for a number of years. Since we purchased the CatStop our front garden is now cat free. This is a brilliant product and would highly recommend it.
Doreen M., Dunedin, 28 Dec 2012

ScareCrow - The scarecrow has worked well and keeps pheasants and other birds at bay.
Paul C., Wellington, 24 Dec 2012

Sidenet - It's rare to get good service these days and I was so impressed with Easytek. The item I wanted was shipped to me at the price agreed and it reached me within the timeframe they gave. I requested a roll of Sidenet on the phone... (staff) was very friendly and helpful and patient (especially considering it was last thing on a Friday afternoon). The product is being used to cover parts of our plum tree and to catch plums that fall. It has already caught a few. Thanks Easytek!
Claire, Goodwood Heights, 16 Dec 2012

Bird Spikes 180 - Fantastic service. Thank you.
David P., Dunedin, 5 Dec 2012

Scare Eyes - Very good service, quick delivery and no surprises with product i.e. what we got was what we saw on web pages. Good stuff. We have tried lots of bird scaring paraphenalia over the year, if this works long term (i.e. a summer) it will the best so far!!
Graeme T., Ohope, 4 Dec 2012

Bird Proof Gel - Prompt delivery of goods and excellent communication via email re payment and delivery. Will use again.
Kelly B., Gore, 31 Oct 2012

ScareCrow - The Scarecrow is brilliant on my 6 square mtr vege patch. No signs of an animal since installation.
David W., Auckland, 17 Oct 2012

CatStop - The neighbours cats used a particular spot in our garden as a toilet everyday single day which is why we sought out a product from the internet which claimed to be able to stop this happening. On arrival of the Cat Stop we put it in the garden and the next day we went overseas for 10 days and remarkably no cats had used our garden as a toilet whilst we were away we were so thrilled with the results achieved from the Cat Stop and we would certainly reccommend this product to anyone having the same problem.
Anita C., Papamoa, 4 Oct 2012

Bird Proof Gel - We are very impressed with your service and the product. Seems to be keeping the birds off the ledge, just a feather or 2 sticking!!
Tony F., Palmerston North, 16 Sep 2012

ScareCrow - Good well informed prompt service from dealer. Highly recommended and will buy more if I need them. An excellent way of keeping the cats,dog and chooks off the garden. I have one on each of my garden areas. 4 in total.
Lester B., Kaikoura, 13 Sep 2012

Bird Spikes 90 - Cannot fault the service your team provided with our queries and prompt delivery of the items.
Julia H., Taupo, 11 Sep 2012

CatStop - It is working! I am going to buy another one. Am hoping for a garden free of dog and cat poo for the first time ever.
Rhona L., Christchurch, 10 Aug 2012

ScareCrow - Bloody brilliant - the thing works a treat!. Delivery was fast - no hassles.
Stu S., Christchurch, 27 Jul 2012

Havahart Live Cage Trap 1020 - I have been to many sites and purchased at many of them online, I must say this is the best service I have ever had in speed and efficiency and product value. I used the trap the first night and caught the mouse then set it free out the back on the farm land. I have not had any mouse trouble since brilliant!! WIN/WIN for me and mouse thank you very much for a fantastic product .. I showed this to a friend of mine and he was most impressed also .. EXCELLENT SERVICE ALL ROUND !!!
Susannah S., Kaitaia, 17 Jul 2012

Stay Away - Fantastic product and worked like a charm. Our cat was determined to get up on our dining table even after using lemon juice, menthol rubs and deterrent sprays. This worked instantly although we ended up with claw marks in the table after the quick exit! The only annoying factor is that it gives a blast of air and sound and sends the cat running every time you turn it on. Well worth the money otherwise.
Daniel R., Wellington, 10 Jul 2012

Irri Tape 25 - A faboulous product that works very effectively, is reasonable and very easy to use. The Website was very simple to use.
Emma M., Lower Hutt, 26 Jun 2012

Bird Proof Liquid - Your company is always good to deal with. You have been very helpful with your advice.
Dave H., Auckland, 25 Jun 2012

BroadBand PRO, Bird Lite - The assistance I received was great, very prompt at answering questions and gave me all the advice/options we as a business required to make an informed decision. Thank you very much!
Ashley W., Matamata, 1 Jun 2012

YardGard - Cats haven't crapped on my finely manicured lawn since setting up the YardGard.
Dion P., Wellington, 29 May 2012

Bird-X Bird Proof Liquid - We have just applied the product, and the short term results have no starlings perching on gutters and roof.
Lorraine W., Christchurch, 28 May 2012

Bird Spikes 45 - I have used the product before and found it to be excellent. Very easy to purchase over the web.
Peter W., Auckland, 19 April 2012

CatStop - A friend has 2 catstops and I have talked another friend into purchasing one. He now finds that the cat uses the front of his section instead of the back. I have tried everything up to now and I keep a daily watch. It's wonderful what a cat stop and a hose can do.
Geoff S., Auckland, 5 December 2011

Super Bird-X-Peller Pro, Bird Strobe Light - Sorry we haven't got back to you earlier. Now that the scarer has been going for a few weeks we can report that the birds have moved on... the birds left almost as soon as we turned the scarer on and we moved it to the medium setting after about 5 days...
Shona and Wayne F., Alexandra, 21 September 2011

Havahart 1092 Cat Cage Trap - I received the trap, thank you so much!
Sacha D., Christchurch, 15 March 2011

CatStop - The catstop was recommended to me by a friend. I have not tried it asa there are no recent seed sowings in my vege garden and no black birds nesting low to the ground where the cats have been getting the young, but i was amazed at how quickly the order was despatched and the email contacts you had with me concerning its progress. A sign of a very good and reliable company. Many thanks for all your assistance.
Brian S., Wellington, 27 December 2010

ScareCrow - The scarecrow water gun has been a great success for me, no more smelly dog sh.. on my front lawn, I have my own dog but it was a neighbours that was a problem. NO MORE PROBLEM.
Tony K., Blenheim, 29 September 2010

ScareCrow - 1st class service, product was delivered within 24hours of dispatch. The Scarecrow is up and running and the dog hates it. Thank you.
Chris P., Auckland, 10 September 2010

CatStop - I am very happy with my catstop. The cats have not step foot on my garden since their first encounter with it. Thank you so much.
Joanne M., Cambrige, 7 August 2010

CatStop - Very please with the cat stop there has been no more cats or dogs didgging the garden and trying to get into the compost bin thanks.
Margaret K., Hawera, 1 August 2010

CatStop - Parcel arrived today. Thank you for the fantastic service. Would certainly recommend.
Maurie E., Te Puke, 14 July 2010

Bird Proof Gel - Thank you so much for excellent service & pleased to let you know my order arrived today.
Helen E., Lower Hutt, 14 April 2010

Stray Cat & Small Dog Live Cage Trap - Hi, Great service, ordered Thursday, delivered Monday morning, Thanks.
Jerry G., Wainuiomata, 29 March 2010

Mice & Rodent Live Cage Trap - Thanks for making it all so easy! Ordered the rodent trap on Sunday. Was advised on Monday that it was on its way. Received it on Tuesday and caught our first mouse within minutes of setting the trap. Another two caught soon after.
Philippa M., Christchurch, 11 November 2009

Broadband Pro - The Broadband is working a treat, it has really lowered bird activity especially the gulls.
Brendan B., Auckland, 15 September 2009

Transonic Pro - I would like to order another Transonic Pro please. We have had very good results with the other units.
Brendan B., Auckland, 15 September 2009

Bird Spikes Polycarbonate - Great service and good advice. The Bird-spikes were very easy to install and are really doing the job!
Neil B., Auckland, 26 August 2009

Netting - I received my order of Polynet Tuesday afternoon - many thanks for your prompt and efficient service. When the nor'wester dies down I'll be able to use it!!!
Sue H., Ashburton, 26 August 2009

CatStop - Received and working fine. Thanks!
Mike A., Auckland, 19 August 2009

CatStop - The CatStop arrived yesterday. Thanks for the prompt delivery
Julie S., New Plymouth, 05 June 2009

CatStop - At the end of March i ordered a Cat Stop - and i have been incredibly impressed by the results! I wish i had known of this 6 months ago when the neighbours cat decided our lawn was it's new loo! I would be happy to endorse your product - i have told my work mates and family members about the effectiveness. An excellent product and very effective! thank you!
Megan H., Auckland, 22 April 2009

CatStop - Hi, just letting you know how impressed we are with the CatStop. We were really driven mad with Male cats coming around spraying in our enclosed patio area over our deck furniture that we put in there over winter. We have two cats ourself and our female cat (speyed) was probably the attraction even though they are locked inside. One can easily be a little cynical over a device like this "will it work" but it is incredible. Not one cat in the patio since we set it there. We have it in a small planter tub of gravel, and just put it out at 10pm when our cats are in for the night. We may even purchase another one for the entrance to our house as they sprayed there also. It is an excellent product, we really didn't think we would find a solution, so our grateful thanks.
R. B., Gore, 19 December 2008

CatStop - I bought the CatStop (automatic outdoor cat deterrent) a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I got it I put it in the garden where the neighbours cat uses it as their toilet. ... It is brilliant, no more cat toilet in my garden, can't thank you enough. The only problem now is the cat has started toileting in one of my other gardens (out of range of CatStop) AGH!!!! Just as well that garden is being removed shortly and being turned into lawn. Will recommend your products to friends and family.
Family H., North Shore City, 19 November 2008

Scarecrow - Thank you very much for your prompt service - my Scarecrow arrived this morning and I've had hours of fun with it! It's very effective on elderly relatives and forgetful gardeners, and I'm looking forward to some cats coming visiting tonight! Many thanks... It's great to find something useful AND fun!
Barbara, Timaru, 23 September 2008

Netting - I have been meaning to thank you again for your help with mesh for my business. It went very well. Thank you & I will definitely recommend your company.
Sandy, Kerikeri, 17 September 2008

Live Cage Trap - Thank you for the quick and professional service. I have just received my 'Havahart Live Animal Cage Trap Model 1088. Within 24 hours it has already caught two possums, one of which has been trying to get in our house via the cat flap. Thanks again for all your help and advice, I was very please with the service and the product.
Catherine, Kaitaia, 28 August 2008

Broadband Pro, Bird Lite - We had the gear fitted yesterday and normally in the mornings we would have a few birds in the hangar but there were none this morning... Thanks
Carl, Auckland, 17 July 2008

CatStop - Excellent service, order placed Tuesday PM, goods delivered Thursday AM. Very impressed!
R., Wellington, 30 June 2008

Bird Netting - Thank you - marvelous. … I certainly appreciate your efforts & excellent service.
Sandy, Keri Keri, 05 June 2008

Bird Spikes - Thank you for your efficient and prompt service.
Ian, Hamilton, 25 May 2008

Transonic Pro - Thanks so much for my order which appears to be working fantastically!
Sandra, Waiuku, 20 May 2008

CatStop - Hi guys great site to order from - nice and easy! Also such prompt delivery is excellent. I am taking products to england for my 85 year old mother as she has problems with other peoples cats! I'm sure she will be very pleased with your product! Thanks for prompt delivery - one less thing to worry about!!!
Susan, Invercargill, 13 May 2008

CatStop - The CatStop is working well. Many thanks for your help and the fast and efficient service.
Heather, Temuka, 21 Apr 2008

Bird Spikes - Thanks for the prompt and helpful service.
Trevor, Akaroa, 4 Apr 2008

CatStop - Your units are a fantastic idea, and they do exactly as advertised.
Nigel, Bay of Plenty, 17 Mar 2008

ScareCrow - Badly needed for human intruder.
Philippa, Christchurch, 21 Feb 2008

CatStop - I am very pleased with the purchase and the quick delivery of goods. Highly recommended.
Kris, Wellington, 15 Feb 2008

CatStop - Fast delivery and excellent product.
Jennifer, Manukau, 11 Jan 2008

CatStop - Great Product and fast delivery.
Antony, Christchurch, 10 Jan 2008

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