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Victor Fly Magnet M382

Large (1 Gal) Outdoor Fly Magnet Trap with Bait

5 Stars Rated 5/5
Manufacturer: Victor
Dimensions: 3.78l (1 Gallon)

Product Warranty: 12 months

NZD 40.00 exc. GST
NZD 46.00 inc. GST

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Victor Fly Magnet M382, 4-Pack
NZD 144.00 exc. GST
NZD 165.60 inc. GST
(NZD 41.40 inc. GST per unit)
In stock
Victor Fly Magnet M382, 8-Pack
NZD 264.00 exc. GST
NZD 303.60 inc. GST
(NZD 37.95 inc. GST per unit)
In stock

Keep your deck or patio free from bothersome flies.

Control those pesky flies with our all-natural Victor Outdoor Fly Magnet Trap. Simply hang the Fly Magnet in a nearby corner of your yard, and let its proven attractant do the rest. The Fly Magnet’s all natural bait is extremely effective against most species of nuisance flies, attracting them to the trap, and drawing them inside. Safe, effective, and 100% pesticide free, the Victor Outdoor Fly Magnet is the environmentally friendly way to control outdoor flies.

Fly Trap:
  • Eliminates house and barn flies, garbage flies, and other types of nuisance flies without harmful chemicals - 100% poison free
  • Safe around children, pets and the environment
  • Easy to use and re-use
  • Once filled with flies, dump contents, re-bait, add water and do it again
  • The effectiveness is not diminished with time
  • Fly bait (12 grms) included
  • Refill packs (available separately) include 3x 12grms bait

How It Works

Fly Trap

Using the Outdoor Fly Magnet is easy. Simply empty the package of bait into the reusable plastic jar, add an inch of water and two drops of dish soap, and hang the trap from a tree or structure near the house or patio. (Note that the Outdoor Fly Magnet is NOT intended for indoor use - it has a strong odor that makes it unsuitable for indoor use.)

The Fly Magnet attracts nearby flies and captures them within the jar. After about 10 days, simply empty the dead flies into the trash, replace the bait, and the reusable Outdoor Fly Magnet Trap is ready to go again.

The Victor Outdoor Fly Magnet uses a highly effective, yet safe and non-toxic attractant.


The Victor Fly Magnet includes one reusable, non-toxic trap with hanger and one lure (lasts about 10 days). Refill bait packs are available separately.


The Victor Fly Magnet trap safely and effectively eliminates flies in

  • Front and Backyards
  • Gardens and Garages
  • Around pools and camp sites
  • Food establishments
  • Attics and Rooftops
  • Other commercial facilities like cafes, warehouses and more

Simply place the fly trap in areas where flies are present - light colored outdoor walls, warm sunny areas, stables or food processing areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fly Trap

Can I use the Fly Magnet in the house?
Although the Outdoor Fly Magnet trap is safe to use inside, the attractant has a strong, unpleasant scent (attractive to flies, but not to people), making it best suited for fly control in open environments.

The trap has been working well, but now it’s almost empty – Why?
The trap may have caught most of the flies in the area. It’s not unusually for a trap to out-catch nearby flies, controlling the local infestation.


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Victor Fly Magnet M382
Victor Fly Magnet M382 5/5 (3 reviews)
5 stars
(rating: 5)
reviewed by on .

5 stars
(rating: 5)
reviewed by on .
Large Victor Fly Trap.Very Strong and Easy to Handle & Set Up.
The Smaller ones Are A Bit Softer & Harder to Empty and Set Up Again The small Victor Fly Traps fill up to fast,& you do not Stock the 4gr pits of Bait so you have to fiddle around measuring 4grams out of the 12 gram pack.The Galleon Trap is very large and at $48 is on the High side of Pricing. Great for Farms but to big for an average 3br home.There is a Quart size

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